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(Woman Interrupted)


New app will tabulate how often women are interrupted by men

By WITW Staff on March 8, 2017

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, many brands and companies got their creative juices flowing. One particularly inventive idea comes from BETC, an ad agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which developed “Women Interrupted,” an app that listens in on conversations and figures out just how often women are interrupted by men. After the users record their voices (so the app can recognize them), they can let it run quietly in the background, while it uses the microphone and counts the number of interruptions in real time. (For those concerned about privacy, the company claims it does not record any of the conversations). The app was conceived as a creative solution to the pervasive problem of “manterrupting” and was inspired by the September presidential debate, where Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton a whopping 51 times. “We, women, struggle every day to get our space in the workplace and the right to express ourselves. When we get there, Manterrupting reduces our participation,” Gal Barradas, co-CEO of BETC Sao Paulo, explained.

Read the full story at Business Insider.


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