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Sex doll (Photo credit should read GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Silicone fantasy

In a world-first, a brothel staffed completely by sex dolls opens in Spain

March 6, 2017

Is romance dead? Surely not. Swipe right … You have a match. Yippee! Now, to add a little extra spice to the increasingly synthesized world of intimacy, the world’s first brothel staffed entirely by — what else?! — sex dolls has opened in Barcelona.

A vast improvement on the run-of-the-mill brothel in which lonely dudes are forced to engage with an actual living, breathing human being to have sex (God forbid), Lumidolls eradicates the need for any human intimacy whatsoever when fulfilling sexual desires. Billing itself as “the world’s first sex dolls agency” the brothel is staffed by four delightful sex dolls named Lili, Katy, Leiza, and Aki who, the website boasts, are so realistic in “the movement of their joints and in the touch” that clients will be able to “fulfill your fantasies without any limit.” The brothel’s website goes on to explain that “Our dolls, like all women, have an oral cavity, vaginal, and anal.” Great?!

Helpfully tending to the customer’s every need, the four dolls vary according to a breadth of sexual fantasies. If it is a big bust and blonde hair a client fancies, Katy is the one for the job. And if anime is more a client’s thing, then Asian-featured Aki will be a better fit, kitted out as she is in blue hair and optional headphones. Optional headphones?! Whichever doll one chooses, the website helpfully advises clients to use a lot of lube.

Perhaps flummoxed as to why anyone would opt to have sex with a lifeless sex doll, Broadly spoke to Peter Kanaris, a psychologist specializing in sexuality. He explained that sex dolls provided something onto which people could project their feelings and engage in “fantasy play.” For some he said, humanlike sex dolls could “provide relief and mitigate feelings of isolation,” citing shyness, social anxiety, inexperience, and self-consciousness all as reasons for why someone might hook up with silicone Katy.

Lumidolls launched last week with an introductory offer of $84 for an hour. The timing may not be so coincidental …

Read the full story at Broadly.


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