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CNN producer’s tweet about ‘the future of media’ sparks anger, parody online

March 3, 2017

A Hollywood Reporter cover featuring CNN president Jeff Zucker and four other on-air personalities — chef Anthony Bourdain and news anchor Jake Tapper among them — caused a stir online this week after a producer at the network tweeted that the image represented “the future of media.”

Unfortunately for producer Josiah Daniel Ryan, commentators online took umbrage to one important detail about his vision of the “future of media” — namely that there appear to be no women in it.

As the tweet swiftly went viral, albeit for the wrong reasons, users began submitting their own visions of the future of media. While some of the submissions came with clear pointed messages, a number began to take on a slightly more absurdist edge.

While Ryan’s intent in posting the tweet likely had little to do with women, his tacit embrace of an all-male media future could be interpreted as more absurd than any of the above tweets. As Hillary Clinton noted in her first on-camera remarks since losing the election, the ascent of Donald Trump won’t change the fact that “the future is female.”

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.


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