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Derry Flynn McCann (police handout).


Groom admits to raping woman in park hours before his wedding

March 2, 2017

A British man has confessed to brutally raping and torturing a woman in a public park before, hours later, attending his wedding to marry his bride. Derry Flynn McCann, 28, pleaded guilty this week to three counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one count of robbery. Authorities said McCann trailed a woman who was making her way home from a night out at an art gallery in January and, “within sight” of her East London home but still inside a public park, he attacked the unsuspecting woman. Police said that over a period of hours he subjected her to “systematic” beatings, raped her, humiliated her, took her cellphone and snapped photos of her. One prosecuting attorney said McCann played “mind games” with the woman by quizzing her about what depraved act he was going to force on her next. The attack finally ended in the early morning hours, and later in the day McCann appeared at his wedding and married his pregnant bride. According to The Sun, he posted photos from the ceremony on his Facebook page.

“This was a terrifying, violent and prolonged attack involving rapes committed by a man intent on inflicting fear and psychological suffering,” another one of the prosecutors said.

“I would like to thank McCann’s victim for her courage in helping bring this prosecution and hope his conviction provides some sense of justice for her.”

McCann had recently been released from prison, where he’d served 10 years for a rape he committed as a teenager.

Read the full story at BBC News.


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