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Democratic congresswomen and Melania Trump criticized for fashion choices at Trump address

March 2, 2017

President Donald Trump may have made his first address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, but the real attention seems to be on what the political women of Washington wore to it. At least some Republicans, including Representative Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, have attacked the choice of many Democratic congresswomen to wear suffragette white to the event. First lady Melania Trump’s choice of a black Michael Kors suit, meanwhile, attracted interest as online commentators questioned the appropriateness of the dress — as well as its apparent contrast to the white worn by Democrats.

During a radio town hall broadcast from Fargo, North Dakota, on Wednesday, Representative Cramer likened the congresswomen’s show of solidarity to a “disease.”

“It is a syndrome, there is no question,” said Cramer. “There is a disease associated with the notion that a bunch of women would wear bad-looking white pantsuits in solidarity with Hillary Clinton to celebrate her loss. You cannot get that weird.”

In a response to Cramer’s comments on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted, “Thank you for illustrating why we so badly need to honor #WomensHistoryMonth.”

Melania Trump has also faced criticism for her choice of attire, as some have questioned whether her choice of black was meant as a direct response to the Democrats’ decision to wear white. Other commentators attacked Melania’s dresses stylistically, suggesting that the sequined garment might have been better suited for a club than for a joint session of Congress.

Almost lost amid all the excitement over what the women were wearing were the eerily matching suits of Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan — and perhaps Trump’s actual speech itself.

Read the full story at Yahoo News and The New York Times.


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