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Sherri and Keith Papini (YouTube)

Cult connection?

‘Explosive’ new theory emerges in mysterious abduction case of California ‘super mom’

By WITW Staff on March 1, 2017

New information has reportedly emerged about the strange and disturbing kidnapping of Sherri Papini, a woman who was found chained, badly beaten, and branded with a mysterious message more than three weeks after her disappearance in early November while out for a run nearby her Northern California home.

Papini, 34, had alleged that she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women driving a dark-colored SUV. But according to a teaser posted for an upcoming Christopher Hansen interview on Crime Watch Daily, “explosive new details” about the case have now come to light — including the possibility that the kidnapping was related to some sort of “cult.”

In the interview, Hansen spoke with an anonymous donor who reportedly offered a $50,000 cash reward for Papini’s safe return. The donor said that he hadn’t known Papini or her husband before the kidnapping, but that he decided to try to help the family after hearing about her story on the news.

“Here’s a girl that’s got two little kids and got a husband at home crying and I just visualized what that life was like and felt like you know let’s see if we can be creative here,” the donor said.

Asked if offering the bounty helped, the donor noted that Papini was released “within 24 hours of changing the offer to bounty.”

Since Papini’s return home, the donor said that the ransom he offered had been returned to him and that he had spoken with Papini’s husband by phone.

“He said she’s having a rough time, that she can’t be around any strangers, that she’s seeing some counselors a couple times a week and that she’s just struggling,” said the donor of his conversations with Papini’s husband.

The donor also shared what he believed to be the true motive behind the kidnapping of the ‘super mom,’ as well as how he “got involved, his thoughts on what he thinks happened and how Papini is coping.”

Read the full story at Elite Daily.


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