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Mystery woman creates website imagining world where Hillary Clinton is president

By WITW Staff on February 28, 2017

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election — and not just the popular vote. Pretend she won the Electoral College vote as well. Can you picture what that world might look like right now?

Well, one woman is doing just that with a satirical website called Be sure to take a few minutes to navigate over there and peruse the headlines and read some articles. Obviously, since Trump upset Clinton in the election, and especially since he was inaugurated, the news headlines that barrage us on a daily basis have taken on a more chaotic and incendiary feel than they have during the first 100 days of past presidencies. Under a Clinton presidency, the headlines are far more soothing to the feminist soul, according to the website.

Denzel Washington wins Oscar for Best Actor, Casey Affleck enters sexual harassment rehab” and “President Clinton proudly calls America a sanctuary nation,” are examples of stories that topped the site when we took a peek at it. There’s also just a little bit a snark, as headlines like “Trump renounces U.S. citizenship, moves to Russia” and “Sanders purchased first new suit in eight years for Clinton’s Inauguration” show.

The woman who’s behind the website declined to reveal her true identity an interview with The Washington Post, but talked about the impact it’s having since she launched it in January. Not surprisingly, the woman said, the site has been roundly mocked by conservatives. News media like Fox News have taken jabs at it. Even though the site is obviously satirical in nature, “I’ve been amazed by how willfully determined they are not to get the joke,” she observed about the site’s critics.

Despite being around for less than two months, the site is doing extremely well in terms of traffic, though she admits, much of the those visiting are hate clicks. And if the traffic keeps growing, she said she would keep at it.

“For a lot of people who feel like an important chapter was stolen from feminist history by the Russians, by Julian Assange and by the FBI director, is restorative,” she said.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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