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At ‘Skirt Club,’ straight women explore their sexuality

February 27, 2017

Skirt Club is an “underground community” of straight women who are interested in pursuing sexual encounters with other women. Skirt Club parties — which can involve sex, or not — are held across the globe. If this sounds like twee, Lesbianism Lite, it sort of is. But there is an unexpected depth to Skirt Club gatherings, as discovered by Rolling Stone’s Brenda Kerr, who attended a Skirt Club party in San Francisco.

In between burlesque performances, lessons from a sex educator, and games of spin the bottle, Burr encountered numerous women who wanted to expand their sexual experience, without being relegated to a specific label.

“It’s a safe place to explore without it having to ‘mean’ anything about their identity,” explained Allison Moon, the sex educator who gave lessons during the event. “I don’t think the parties are gay, per se. Just as I don’t think fooling around with someone of the same sex is necessarily gay. The words we have to describe sexuality are too frail to contain the dynamism of the human experience.”

Read the full story at Rolling Stone.


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