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Elizabeth Johnston of The Activist Mommy Facebook page.

Free speech fight

Facebook accused of ‘liberal bias’ after suspending account of Christian blogger who cited the Bible on homosexuality

February 22, 2017

Facebook has, for some time, been accused of promoting a left-wing bias. It has been suggested that this is, in part, due to its reluctance to acknowledge the journalistic role it plays in its delivery of news to users and what some perceive  as its shying away from the responsibilities that journalism entails. Now it’s facing new accusations of bias after censoring a post by the woman who operates The Activist Mommy Facebook page. The post on the popular page cited the Bible in reference to homosexuality.

Last May, the social network found itself the subject of a Senate inquiry over claims of anti-conservative bias in its “Trending” section, which, among other things, questioned the way in which the group trained its “curators” — those tasked with writing the daily news briefs that appear in the trending section. Facebook had maintained that the curators were trained to approach the job with strict objectivity.

But a report by Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez seemed to suggest otherwise. Speaking anonymously, former “curators” spoke to Nunez of the wholly subjective way in which they put together the Trending section, which, they said, seldom included stories from specifically right-wing sites such as Breitbart, unless the story had been picked up by more mainstream publications like The New York Times.

Late last year Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, created a new “fact-checking” initiative to help police fake news, he was again immediately criticized for recruiting organizations with a track record of ‘liberal bias’, including Snopes, ABC News, Politifact and

And it seems these accusations haven’t gone away. A Christian mother, Elizabeth Johnston, who runs the popular conservative blog ‘The Activist Mommy,’ has recently accused the social media giant of censorship after her account was suspended earlier this month for a post she authored more than six months ago.

The post in question suggested that Leviticus, a book from the Old Testament, condemns homosexuality as being “detestable” and an “abomination” and was part of a long thread of comments responding to another user who suggested Christians were hypocrites for condemning homosexuality while eating pork and shellfish. Johnson’s Facebook page, which has 76,000 followers, was suspended for several days and the post was removed because “it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.” When the account was re-activated days later and Johnson reposted her thoughts on the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality, she once again found her account frozen and the post deleted.

Johnson has criticized the social media site for taking issue with what she describes as “scriptural commentary” and deeming this “hate speech.”

“It was just very intellectual and it was just a commentary on what the Bible says. There was no name calling or anything like that” she told The Christian Post in an interview.

Facebook has yet to specifically comment on why Johnson’s posts were removed, but its community standards state: “Facebook removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks people based on their: race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases.”

Speaking to The Christian Post, Johnson accused Facebook of disingenuously claiming to be unbiased while using an algorithm that specifically promotes a liberal agenda, targeting users who post anything in opposition to the LGBT movement. The same standards are, she argued, not applied to posts flagged up by Christian users.

Read the full story at The Christian Post.


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