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‘Today’ show host Hoda Kotb becomes 1st-time mom at 52 after adopting baby girl

'Today' show host Hoda Kotb holding her new baby girl, Haley Joy Kotb. (YouYube)

On Tuesday’s edition of the Today show, Matt Lauer addressed something he said viewers had been noticing: Hota Kotb’s recent absence. Lauer informed viewers that Kotb was off all of last week and would be still taking a few more days off, but that some posts on social media had hinted at what she was up to. Kotb then called in to the show to make a major revelation. “I do have something to tell you,” she said. Then she said she’d rather show her co-hosts and the director of the show put a photo up of Kotb cradling a newborn baby girl on her shoulder for the anchors and viewers at home to see.

Kotb told them she’d adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy, her first child. “She’s a Valentine’s baby so she’s a little nugget,” the 52-year-old news anchor told her co-hosts, choking up. “She is the love of my life.” The moment seemed to be a true surprise for the rest of the Today show cast — except for Kathie Lee Gifford, who, according to a Today show report, had been keeping the secret — and one that Kotb appeared to be overjoyed about. Over the phone, viewers could even hear the small whimpers of infant Haley Joy.

Later in the show, Kotb called back explained the meaning behind little Haley Joy’s name, saying it was inspired by Halley’s Comet. “It was one of those things. I just picture her sailing through the sky,” Kotb said, adding that it also keeps up an alliteration she shares with her sister, Hala, and her niece, Hannah.

Also, she said, the baby’s middle name reflects the emotion Kotb and her family are filled with. “She brings us joy. She’s got a beautiful way about her,” she said. A post on Twitter brought her recent flurry of cryptic posts to a conclusion.

Watch the heartwarming segment of Kotb’s revelation below.

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