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Trish Doyle (Twitter)


Watch: Politician gives epic eye roll in response to impolite comment from male colleague

February 16, 2017

An Australian politician who’s fed up with being interrupted during official proceedings dropped one of the best eye rolls you’ll ever see — and it was all caught on camera. During an impassioned speech to Parliament on Wednesday in New South Wales, Australia, Labour MP Trish Doyle criticized the recent appointment of Tanya Davis to be Minister for women. Davis, Doyle argued, would be unable to make impartial decisions regarding women’s reproductive health because of her overt commitment to a pro-life agenda.

“I am pro-choice. I am a feminist, and I am here in this Parliament to advance the cause of women,” Doyle said. “I believe the woman herself is best placed to decide what is best for her.”

“She knows the circumstances of the pregnancy and understands what she needs,” Davis continued. “She is the one who best knows her own capacity to parent at a particular time and her personal circumstances.”

Doyle added that while she appreciated Davis’ right to her own opinions, the women of New South Wales would be “poorly served by them.”

But, only three minutes into her speech, Doyle was interrupted by a male colleague, Nationals MP Stephen Bromhead, who accused her of “attacking” Davis. Doyle’s response? An EPIC eye roll.

And then she continued …

As NSW Greens MP Dr. Mehreen Faruqi has introduced a bill to parliament that would take abortion off the state’s criminal code and introduce a 150-meter “safe zone” around abortion providers — to prevent the ongoing harassment patients face when entering their services — Doyle voiced her support for measures that would help protect women seeking abortions.

Manterrupt all you like, this woman’s just not having it. Watch the full clip of the eye roll below

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.


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