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Ruth Davidson.

Great Scot!

Scotland’s 2016 politician of the year says the U.K. is ‘beginning to reassess how reliable an ally the United States is’

February 16, 2017

Ruth Davidson, the leader of Scotland’s Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, had harsh words for the Trump administration and called into question the reliability of the longtime alliance between the U.S. and the U.K. during an interview at Tina Brown’s Women in the World D.C. Salon. Davidson, who spoke at the Women in the World London Forum just 10 days after Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, was interviewed by CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan at the event, which was held Wednesday evening at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) in Washington, D.C. Above watch the wide-ranging discussion in its entirety as it was seen by the audience at UISP. Below, see a few video highlights of key moments from the candid discussion.

“At the moment, from the U.K., we’ve always seen America as being a very strong reliable ally and now, even after only 26 days or however long the tenure has been so far, from Pennsylvania Avenue we are beginning to reassess how reliable an ally the United States is. And that’s a huge change in Europe,” Davidson, the 2016 politician of the year in Scotland, said of the turmoil in Washington that’s sending shockwaves around the globe. “That’s a massive, massive shock.” Watch a highlight below.

Later in the conversation, Davidson touched on the danger of populist strongmen demonizing the media, and what the true motive behind such a tactic is. Watch.

Finally, Davidson touched on her previous career as a reporter for the BBC and contrasted her experience with what she’s seeing from the new White House staff, which she said was on the cusp of being a lineup of white supremacists. “The idea that I’m something completely other is wrong because I worked for 10 years as a journalist for the BBC — and for others — and was interviewing politicians every day,” Davidson said. “It wasn’t like a bunch of one-step-away-from-white-supremacist bloggers who are living just down the street.” Watch a clip below.


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