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UCONN women’s basketball team wins 100th consecutive game

The University of Connecticut women's basketball team after winning its record 100th consecutive game on Monday night. (Twitter)

The University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team won its 100th consecutive game on Monday night — the longest winning streak in Division 1 basketball history, according to the Boston Globe.

The Huskies had, in fact, quietly claimed the record for most consecutive wins when they won their 90th game in a row earlier this season. But their 100th victory, an 11-point win over sixth-ranked South Carolina, was met with celebratory fanfare. According to CBS News, fake 100-dollar bills dropped from the ceiling, bearing the face of coach Geno Auriemma.

“I mean 100 is 100,” Auriemma told CBS of the feat. “You know everybody gets enamored by that number. In the big picture it’s no different than 99, but everybody is really excited about the number.”

The team’s success has broken records in both women and men’s college basketball, surpassing the 88-game winning streak set by the UCLA men’s team in 1974. Check out highlights from the milestone game in the video below.

Read the full story at The Boston Globe and CBS.


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