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Lost childhood

Youngest mother in medical history was only 5 years old

By WITW Staff on February 10, 2017

Lina Medina was born to a poor Peruvian family in 1933 and only 5 years old when doctors found what they believed to be a large stomach tumor. After a series of tests, it turned out Lina had a condition called “precocious puberty” and had actually been pregnant for seven months. She gave birth to a healthy, six-pound son just weeks later, by Caesarean section, as her pelvis was too small for a natural birth. The boy was named Gerardo, after the doctor who delivered him.

Police suspected young Lina had been raped by her father, so he was arrested but later released due to lack of evidence. Gerardo grew up without health problems, but died at the age of 40 due to a bone disease. Lina is now 85, but she has never talked about the pregnancy. She gave birth to a second son in the 1970s, conceived with her husband, Raul. While some believe the case is a hoax, doctors claim to have X-rays and biopsies proving it was a real pregnancy. For more on her sad and improbable story, watch the video below.

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