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‘A threat’

Woman deported to Mexico after attending regular meetings with immigration agents

February 10, 2017

In a case that lawyers from leading civil rights’ groups have called a first under the Trump administration, a 35-year-old unauthorized immigrant was arrested and deported to Mexico during a scheduled meeting with immigration officials in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2008, Guadalupe García de Rayos was arrested during a government raid on a waterpark and charged with using a forged social security card to obtain employment. After three months in jail and a further three months in immigration detention, she was released and had since checked in regularly with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Against the recommendation of Carlos Garcia, executive director of Puente, an immigrants’ rights group, she went to her scheduled meeting at the ICE on Wednesday and was arrested before leaving the building.

The government had previously issued a deportation order against Rayos in 2013, but chose not to carry it out. Thanks to a Trump executive order, undocumented immigrants convicted of any criminal offense – even those who have not been charged – are now being prioritized for deportation.

Protesters, Rayos’ daughter among them, attempted to stop the ICE van carrying her away. Police arrested seven of them, including one man who allegedly tied himself to the van’s front wheels.

On Thursday, immigration agents said that Rayos had been deported to Nogales, Mexico. Her husband, who declined to be identified because he is also unauthorized, said they had told him his wife was “a threat.” Rayo’s daughter, who stayed with protesters until past midnight, said she went home and packed a suitcase for her mother at sunrise.

“Nobody should have to pack her mother’s bag,” she said, teary-eyed. “It isn’t fair.”

After Rayos had been deported, New York Times reporter Fernanda Santos drove down to Nogales with her children and interviewed her during a segment broadcast live on Facebook. Watch the interview below.

Family of Deported Woman speak Live

Days after President Donald J. Trump broadened the definition of “criminal alien,” Guadalupe García de Rayos was deported to Mexico for being caught with a fake social security number in 2008. She hasn’t been back to Mexico since she left 21 years ago. NYT reporter Fernanda Santos drove down to Nogales, Mexico with Guadalupe's children to see their mother. Leave your questions in the comments, and Fernanda will answer some.

Posted by The New York Times on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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