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Donald Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter goes viral on Chinese social media

February 4, 2017

Video of Donald Trump’s 5-year-old granddaughter Arabella singing Happy New Year in Chinese has gone viral on social media in China, with many users commenting that they found the youngster “much more sensible” than her grandfather. Footage of Arabella singing while playing with a Chinese marionette was originally posted by her mother, Ivanka Trump, to Instagram. Soon after, the video went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, where users praised Arabella for her “perfect” command of Mandarin.

Although some Weibo commenters questioned whether the video was just a ploy by Arabella’s grandfather to “get the Chinese off [his] back,” enthusiasm for the young performer was buoyed by her recent appearance at a New Year’s reception at the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. At the reception, China’s official broadcaster, CCTV, showed Arabella playing with Chinese traditional arts while attending the event with her mother.

Even the state-run Chinese newspaper Global Times appeared enamored after the appearance of the mother-daughter pair at the Chinese Embassy, writing that the visit was “endowed with a certain political and diplomatic significance” and “could be invigorating to the China-U.S. relationship.”

Watch the video below.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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