The Week in Women: A Catholic nun’s doubts about Mary, a booted attorney general, and a hand-holding conundrum

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

It may not be Valentine’s Day yet, but love, affection, and all-around fuzzy feelings were in the air this week. Sometimes things went a little sour, as they are wont to do when it comes to matters of the heart. Let’s take a look back.

A Catholic nun tried to talk frankly about the birds and the bees and, to put it mildly, things did not go well. During an appearance on Spanish TV, Sister Lucia Caram expressed doubt that Jesus’ mother was a virgin, noting that sexuality is a God-given part of human existence. “I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple—and having sex is a normal thing,” she said on the Chester in Love show. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many Catholics were not a fan of this idea; Sister Caram was bombarded with death threats and demands that she resign from the order. While you wrap your head around the fact that people actually threatened to kill a nun, we’ll start arranging a must-happen collaboration between Sister Caram and Dr. Ruth.

And in case you needed to restore some faith in humanity: A 22-year-old college student has donated part of her liver to her young babysitting charge.When Kiersten Miles learned that 18-month-old Talia needed a liver transplant, she underwent testing and found out that she was a match. Miles is still recovering from the 14-hour transplant operation; Talia was back to normal after just nine days. “All I had to do was be in the hospital for a week and [have] a five-inch scar,” Miles said. “I don’t know, it just seemed like such a small sacrifice to me.”

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May paid a visit to Donald Trump last week and the, erm, affection between them has been causing much speculation over the past few days. The pair was photographed holding hands outside the Oval Office — just what was going on between them remains unclear, and will surely be debated by scholars for centuries to come. Downing Street officials reportedly told the Sunday Times that “the president’s phobia of stairs and slopes led him to grab the prime minister’s hand as they walked down a ramp at the White House.” Considering that Trump does in fact seem to be able to make it down the stairs on his own, without dissolving into hysterics, we have no choice but to conclude that Downing Street is trolling us.

There was no love lost between Donald Trump and former attorney general Sally Yates, who was fired this week for opposing the president’s controversial travel ban. “I am not … convinced that the executive order is lawful,” Yates wrote in a letter to employees at the Justice Department. The Trump administration said that Yates was fired because she “betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States.” All of this—the ban, the dismissal, the Game of Thrones­-style invocation of betrayal—happened ten days into Trump’s presidency. In case you need us at any point during the next four years, we’ve retreated into a fantasy world where nothing bad ever happens and every day is blessed by a Beyonce pregnancy announcement.

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