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'Lauren' (YouTube)

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Woman who’s 260 weeks pregnant is ‘too busy to give birth’ in pointed new PSA

February 2, 2017

The National Partnership for Women and Families has released a clever new PSA that really illustrates the absurdity of American culture’s negligence toward the idea of paid family leave. The 93-second video follows the excruciating life of ‘Lauren,’ a paralegal who works at a small law firm in Denver. Unfortunately, as narrator Sophia Bush tells viewers, Lauren is simply too busy to give birth, so she’s more than five years pregnant. Two-hundred sixty weeks and five days, to be exact. Neither Lauren nor her husband work for companies that offer paid maternity or paternity leave, so Lauren is doomed to holding in her baby and trying to navigate the working world with a giant toddler in her belly. Elevators are tricky, to say the least — as is getting out of your desk chair.

The video goes on to point out that the U.S. is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t have a national paid leave policy, and that a whopping 86 percent of employers in the nation do not offer paid family leave. So Lauren, the video concludes, is just going to continue holding the baby in. It also calls on people to visit the group’s website and support paid leave. Watch the full video below.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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