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Tornado sweeps up 75-year-old Texas woman in bathtub

January 26, 2017

Although tornadoes are notoriously deadly, one woman has an unbelievable tale of survival. When a twister approached 75-year-old Charlesetta Williams’s East Texas home, she raced to seek refuge in her bathtub with her son. Winds were reaching over 130 miles per hour, and with nothing but a blanket over their heads, the whole house began to shake. She told her son to hold on as the howling grew louder. The tornado ripped off the roof, and lifted the tub straight up into the air. It spun around and around, but, miraculously, landed safely in the woods, with Williams still inside and unharmed. Despite her remarkable luck, she wouldn’t do it again. “I’m a tell you, I don’t wanna ride through another one,” she said.

Watch the video interview at KSLA.