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Actress Constance Wu (Amanda Edwards/WireImage)


Constance Wu condemns Casey Affleck’s nomination for Oscar in light of harassment claims

January 26, 2017

Constance Wu, the actress best known for her role as Jessica Huang in ABC comedy Fresh Off the Boat, is up in arms over the nomination of Casey Affleck for Best Actor at the upcoming 2017 Oscars. Affleck, who was nominated for his role in Manchester by the Sea, took home a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture in the drama category earlier this month. In light of disturbing sexual harassment claims filed against Affleck in 2010, however, Wu has questioned whether award givers were prizing “good acting” over “humanity” and “integrity.”

Affleck had stood accused of repeated sexual harassment of two female colleagues during the 2009 production of I’m Still Here. The suit alleged that Affleck snuck into the bed of Polish cinematographer Magdalena Górka while she slept. Górka confronted Affleck the next morning and left the project, but came back to set after being assured that her friend Amanda White, a producer on I’m Still Here, would be present during production. Górka’s original filing noted that she had “never filed a lawsuit against anyone for any reason” during her 16 years working in the industry, and that she was concerned over the damage to her reputation that might result from speaking out.

White, who had known Affleck for more than a decade, alleged that she witnessed Górka suffer near daily harassment at the hands of Affleck and camera assistant Antony Langdon. White also filed accusations herself after Affleck allegedly ordered Langdon to show her his genitals. Affleck was also alleged to have attempted to coerce White into staying in his hotel room while on location in San Francisco, grabbing her arm violently when she refused his advances.

Wu, meanwhile, has admitted that she had been advised not to speak up about the claims against Affleck “for career’s sake,” but that she had chosen to do so anyway because she’s “a woman and human first.”

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