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‘I Can’t Keep Quiet, I’m a One-Woman Riot’ song goes insanely viral

The #ICantKeepQuiet Choir performing during the Women's March on Washington (Facebook).

The song performance you can watch further down the page became the anthem of the Women’s March on Washington and has gone insanely viral, exceeding more than 10 million views since being posted on Facebook Saturday night. Perhaps even more interesting than its viral success is how it came together — and that many of the women who are singing the song never met in-person until the day of the Women’s March and the below performance.

The BBC reports that the song, “I Can’t Keep Quiet,” was written by Milck, a Los Angeles-based singer, who intended for the piece to be a “song of empowerment” after experiencing sexual abuse. Milck, though, began thinking bigger — and that the song could serve a bigger purpose. So, she put together a team of choir singers from D.C. and L.A., and the group rehearsed the song over Skype chats, with an eye toward performing around Washington, D.C. in flash mobs on the day of the march. Then, the group, known as the #ICantKeepQuiet choir, hooked up with the Pussy Hat Project, which supplied the pink headwear, and the whole thing came together. Pretty awesome indeed. Watch the full performance below.


Read the full story at the BBC and get the song’s complete lyrics here.


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