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Woman will be 1st female soldier to join Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment

(U.S. Army)

A female officer will join the U.S. Army’s exclusive 75th Ranger Regiment after completing the grueling selection process required to join the elite fighting force. The identity of the soldier has not been revealed, and likely won’t be. Back in August, First Lt. Kristen Griest, and Capt. Shave Haver became the first two women to ever complete Army Ranger training. “The identity, career fields and backgrounds of our Rangers are not provided in accordance with our current security policy,” Army Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt said. “It’s not based solely on them being a female,” he added. “We protect all of our special operations forces.”

Bockholt said the Ranger passed Ranger Assessment and Selection Program II program in December and is expected to officially join the unit sometime in the next few months. Entry into the 75th Regiment is famously difficult. Many male soldiers don’t make the cut and prior to this unidentified female soldier passing the requirements, only one woman had ever tried. Last June, a female officer made an attempt at breaking into the 75th Regiment, but didn’t make it through the punishing three-week test. Just the six “bare minimum” requirements to make it into the 75th regiment are positively grueling.

Read the full story at Army Times.


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