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Thank you, Obama

Ellen DeGeneres pays heartfelt tribute to the Obamas

January 20, 2017

As America bid its final farewell to President Obama, talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres dedicated her Thursday show to the outgoing commander-in-chief.

In a moving tribute to the Obamas, the talk show host took the opportunity to remind viewers of his remarkable achievement in passing through the same-sex marriage bill, for which she personally thanked him and which enabled her to legally marry long term partner Portia de Rossi. In turn, Obama awarded DeGeneres the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November for her advocacy for LGBT rights, crediting her influence in “changing hearts and minds” toward the gay community.

Looking back on the time DeGeneres shared with the Obamas, the heartfelt tribute also reminded viewers of the outgoing first-lady’s dancing-credentials, not to mention her push-up victory against the talk-show host.

It is little wonder a CNN poll shows that as Obama leaves office, he is viewed as one of the most popular presidents while Michelle Obama’s approval ratings, at 68 percent, are higher than those of both the outgoing president and vice president.

Capturing the elegance and good humor of the classiest duo in politics, DeGeneres highlighted what it is America says goodbye to on Friday as Trump moves into the White House. Watch her tribute below.

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