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Iranian bodybuilder is jailed for posting ‘nude’ images of herself online

January 18, 2017

The Iranian Judiciary has confirmed the arrest of a female bodybuilder who stands accused of posting “un-Islamic” and “nude” images of herself on social media.The woman has not been named but is thought to be Shirin Nobahari, an Iranian body-building champion who was reportedly warned about selfies she was posting after taking part in an international competition last September. “One of the female bodybuilders who recently published nude photographs on social networks has been arrested,” the agency said in a statement.

While women in Iran are permitted to compete internationally, they are compelled to adhere to a strict Islamic dress code at all times. According to these rules, “nude” can refer to a woman revealing any part of her body expected to be covered in public, for example if she is not wearing a veil.


Nobahari’s Instagram account, which has 67,000 followers, features a series of photos and videos of her lifting weights and performing various exercise routines — along with showing off her arm muscles, but doing so in a way that would be considered modest by Western standards. Many photos depict her not wearing a compulsory hijab, something that has led other high-profile Iranians to come under fire — and legal peril — for having done.

The bodybuilder remains locked in prison as she was unable to post bail of two million rials, or $50,000, according to the Mizanonline news agency.

Read the story at The Daily Mail.


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