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Badge of honor

D.C. Museum of Women in the Arts offering ‘Nasty Women’ tour

January 14, 2017

After Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman” during the third debate, many women have started appropriating the phrase as a badge of honor and marker of resistance against the incoming administration. Now, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. is latching onto the viral term, offering a “Nasty Women” tour which celebrates art history’s feminist heroes. “A nasty woman is someone who refuses to be bound by the place society defined for her, someone who blazes her own trail,” Deborah Gaston, director of education for the museum told The Huffington Post. “Going back to the Renaissance,” Gaston continued, “women have been doing things they ‘shouldn’t.’ Well, they did it anyway, and they were successful.”

Founded in 1987 and just three blocks away from the White House, the institute is dedicated to the often overlooked work of female-identifying artists. In response to the inauguration of Donald Trump, who has a well-documented record of misogyny, admission to the museum will be free on Jan 21 and 22 — the weekend of the Women’s March on Washington. The special “Nasty Women” tour of the museum will take place on Sunday at 1 p.m., to pay tribute to those women artists who dared to push boundaries and defy societal norms. “Now it is even more necessary to have a place like the NMWA a few blocks from the White House,” Gaston said. “We’ve always fought to champion women through the arts. The idea of potentially being part of the nation’s conversation in a real way is something we’re really excited about.”

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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