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After escaping domestic abuse, mother builds home for her children using YouTube tutorials

By WITW Staff on January 12, 2017

After Cara Brookins left the house of her abusive husband, she and her four children needed a place to stay. Unable to afford to buy a home, and determined to give her kids bedrooms of their own, Brookins made a bold decision — to build a house of her own. Despite her lack of prior knowledge, Brookins taught herself the construction skills necessary by watching tutorials on YouTube — and soon, she made her dream a reality.

“We had been just so emotionally kicked down,” said Brookins. “We could afford all the supplies so we just put it together ourselves.”

Hope Brookins, Cara’s 17-year-old daughter, said that the domestic violence she saw her mother experience had left her feeling helpless and out of control. “How are we going to build a house? We have no idea what we’re doing,” Hope recalled wondering. “I’ve learned that I can do anything.”

Brookins, an author of several fiction books, has turned her family’s incredible story of perseverance into a book: Rise, How a House Built a Family will be released on January 24. The book, Brookins hopes, can serve as an inspiration to others seemingly trapped by domestic abuse.

“Do something big. Take a big leap and set an impossible goal,” said Brookins. “With enough determination you can do it.” Watch the video below for more on Brookins’ remarkable accomplishment.

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