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12-year-old girl alleges sexual abuse by relative, commits suicide on Facebook Live

By WITW Staff on January 12, 2017

Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12-year-old student at Cedartown Middle School in Polk County, Georgia, broadcast her own suicide over Facebook Live on December 30. In the 20-minute video, Davis told viewers that she had been physically and sexually abused by a relative. The camera continued to roll as Davis proceeded to hang herself in her own backyard.

Police have reportedly been inundated with requests for versions of the video being shared online to be taken down. According to police chief Kenny Dodd, several websites were refusing to take down the disturbing video despite repeated urging from police.

“We want it down as much as anyone for the family and it may be harmful to other kids. We contacted some of the sites,” said Dodd. “They asked if they had to take it down and by law they don’t. But it’s just the common decent thing to do in my opinion.”

According to Coosa Valley News, a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations found in Davis’ diary had begun just three days prior to her tragic death.

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