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What’s in a name?

Baby in Mexico registered with maternal surnames for the first time

January 4, 2017

A court in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon has allowed a couple to register their child with the maternal surnames of both parents—a first for the country.

Traditionally in Latin America, babies are given two last names: the father’s surname and the mother’s paternal surname. And so, according to the Associated Press, Jose Gonzalez de Diego and Alicia Vera Zboralska were expected to name their baby girl Barbara Gonzalez Vera, which would in turn drop both parents’ maternal surnames.

Instead, because they hoped to honor their maternal lineage, the couple filed a court injunction to name their daughter Barbara de Diego Zboralska. Though no other baby in the country’s history has been given the maternal surnames of both parents, the court granted the injunction, and Barbara was registered in the city of Monterrey on Monday.

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