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Cable news star Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News for NBC

Megyn Kelly at The 2016 Women In The World Summit. (Marc Bryan-Brown/Women in the World)

Megyn Kelly, one of the star anchors of the Fox News channel, is making a move to NBC.

According to a press release issued by NBC News, Kelly has signed a “multi-year agreement” with the network that will see her take on an expansive array of roles. She is slated to anchor both a one-hour daytime program that will air Monday through Friday, and a “Sunday evening news magazine show.” She will also “become an important contributor to NBC’s breaking news coverage as well as the network’s political and special events coverage.”

The New York Times called Kelly’s departure a “seismic shift in the cable news landscape,” and particularly within the world of Fox News. With her show The Kelly File, she became one of the network’s most popular personalities, second only to Bill O’Reilly in her ability to draw viewers.

Kelly’s move to NBC comes just months after Fox News head Roger Ailes was fired for allegedly harassing several female employees — Kelly among them. Her account of the harassment, which is chronicled in her memoir Settle for More, is said to have been a key force behind Ailes’ dismissal.

Kelly arrived at Fox 12 years ago, and has emerged as a tough news anchor, unafraid to push back against the conservative ideology of the network that employed her. During the election season, she criticized Donald Trump for his misogynistic comments about women, inspiring a barrage of public attacks from Trump and behind-the-scenes run-ins with his camp, and often placing Kelly at the center of election coverage.

Her spats with Trump spawned an avalanche of frightening abuse online, but through it all, Kelly emerged as what Vanity Fair deemed an “improbable feminist icon.” Kelly’s salary at NBC has not been disclosed, but she is already among the highest-earning television anchors in the country. In the final year of her contract with Fox News, which expires this summer, she will earn $15 million.

Last April, Kelly appeared onstage at the Women in the World New York Summit. During that appearance, she discussed the media’s role in Trump’s ascent. At the time, he was closing in on the Republican nomination and Kelly reflected on her fateful opening question during the first GOP primary debate. “I wonder sometimes whether the question I asked him at that debate and the backlash against me has cowed other journalists because they don’t want it to happen to them or maybe they don’t have a boss who they think will stand behind them,” Kelly said. “Or maybe they just want access and they want the numbers.” Watch the full discussion below.

Read more at The New York Times.


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