‘Massive fleet of buses’ organized to transport New Yorkers to Women’s March on Washington

(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In anticipation of the January 21 event expected to draw hundreds of thousands, the New York City chapter of the Women’s March on Washington has organized a “massive fleet of buses” to help transport people to Washington D.C. With buses set to pick up attendees across 56 neighborhoods, the only barrier to entry is a $62 round trip ticket.

“It is our highest priority to ensure that this march is accessible for people from every demographic in New York,” said Karen Waltuch, the New York City chapter chapter coordinator. “We hope that by providing routes in far-reaching neighborhoods, the diversity of our city can truly be represented at this historic gathering.”

With Amtrak trains to D.C. sold out since two weeks after the march was announced and the number of bus seats limited, those still in need of a way to make it to the event can use marchmatch.org, a website developed to pair matches for carpooling and housing for the Women’s March. And for those living near a metropolitan area, sister marches are also being held in several cities across the country. The only other major consideration to plan for is weather — and right now, according to one long-range forecast, the weather for January 21 looks like it might be sunny and seasonably chilly, though not bone-chillingly cold.

Read the full story at New York Magazine’s The Cut blog.


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