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Reproductive rights

Watch this woman undergo a procedure in one of India’s mass-sterilization camps

December 23, 2016

A new video by “News Deeply” follows a young Indian mother undergoing sterilization surgery in a state-sponsored clinic – a procedure that is often the only free form of family planning available to women living in rural India. The procedures, often held in mass government-sponsored state camps and under unsafe conditions have led to the deaths of more than 350 women in India since 2010. The woman in the video is Lakshmi Vishwakarma, a young mother of three who undergoes the sterilization in a camp some 500 miles outside of New Delhi.  In the video, she explains that she needs the operation because she can’t afford to have any more children. “How would I provide for them and give them food, clothes and other things?” she asks. “I also have to think about their education. I want to send my children to good schools.”

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