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Zero women involved in decision to cancel TV show about women fighting for gender equality

A still from "Good Girls Revolt." (Amazon Studios)

Earlier this month, Amazon announced the cancellation of its critically-acclaimed series Good Girls Revolt just five weeks after it premiered. The series, based on the book by Lynn Povich, chronicles the story behind the landmark lawsuit she and 45 colleagues brought against Newsweek in 1970 for failing to recognize their contributions to the magazine. The show was named one of the best new shows of 2016 by Newsweek and, since news of its cancellation broke, has been the subject of the #SaveGoodGirlsRevolt hashtag campaign by loyal viewers. When asked how many men were involved on the decision to pull the plug on the show, Dana Calvo, the show’s creator, responded in a post on Twitter, saying, “Ha. Yeah, none. Just Roy Price.”

Roy Price is the head of studios and global content at Amazon and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, not a fan of the show. His involvement with it was so scarce, Calvo told The Hollywood Reporter, that he didn’t even know the names of the characters on the show.

Marianne Cooper of The Atlantic inquired with Amazon about the decision and whether any women were involved in the show’s cancellation. Amazon Video’s head of comedy and drama series development, Joe Lewis, told Cooper that Good Girls Revolt had been canceled because it “wasn’t performing at the level we had hoped for — either in total viewership or completion rates.” He declined to answer Cooper’s question about women’s involvement in the decision. Cooper goes on to speculate that it’s totally possible that the show would’ve met the same fate had several women been involved. But she also pointed that a men-only decision-making group has the capacity to misread the cultural moment — and goes on to list numerous examples in U.S. culture where such a phenomenon was the case.

Read the full story at The Atlantic.


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