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Gloria Steinem speaks onstage during Equality Now's third annual "Make Equality Reality" gala on December 5, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Equality Now)

'Not my president'

Gloria Steinem vows revolt against Donald Trump’s presidency

December 12, 2016

Gloria Steinem won’t be taking Donald Trump’s impending presidency sitting down. She plans activism and a “full-on revolt” against Trump’s White House, she told The Guardian in an interview. “I have never in my lifetime seen a president who was such an egotist. He’s a sociopath, a racist, a sexual predator,” Steinem said. “There are great dangers because he is dealing with heads of state,” she said, adding, “He’s not my president.”

The feminist icon is 82, but is adamant that age simply won’t slow her down. “I’m going to live to 100. I’m never going to retire,” Steinem said. “Would I retire from life? This is my life!”

And, she points out, she is not taking up the fight against Trump alone. Steinem was politically active throughout the entire campaign season and at one point found herself in hot water with younger women voters over a remark she made during an appearance on a late-night TV show. But now, Steinem is touting younger feminists as the future of the movement — and the key to taking on the culture of a Trump presidency.

“I’m not giving up my torch, thank you very much,” Steinem said. “I am using it to light other people’s torches — and I’m finding they don’t need me. There are vastly more activists than there were in my day … more women and men identifying as feminists.” Steinem said she views a large part of her role to help expose the younger voices of feminism and activism who will be the leaders of tomorrow. “My job is to bring people up. I almost never speak [at functions] alone, I bring people with me so they become better known. I try to do only what I can do. But sometimes I am the only person who can get someone on the phone. Sometimes you need to send a signal to people who would otherwise not know the names,” she said. As for the top voices that will lead the outspokenness of feminism going forward, Steinem pointed out two fiery young woman in particular whom she sees as a “new burst of feminist energy.”

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