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Jess Jenkins with her husband, Rees, and their newborn, Jack. (Facebook)

'Christmas miracle'

Woman gives birth to own grandchild as a surrogate for daughter who is unable to get pregnant

By WITW Staff on December 7, 2016

After becoming one of the youngest women in Britain to be diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 18 years of age, Jessica Jenkins’s dream of becoming a mother seemed like it was over. But three years after having her eggs frozen the morning before her first radiology session, Jenkins finally became a mother — thanks to the help of her own mother, Julie Bradford, who served as a surrogate mom and gave birth to her own grandson on Friday last week.

“Any mother would do this for their child. It was never in question from day one. He’s a Christmas miracle to us,” said Bradford. “You watch your daughter go through cancer at 18 and then say you would not do the same. But I would have done it anyway, it’s what mums do.”

Jessica, who has been in remission from her cancer since October 2014, said that she and her mom’s already close relationship had grown even stronger as a result of the pregnancy. “My mum is my hero,” said Jessica. “She has shown me what true love means. I can never repay her for what she has done for us and the sacrifices she has made.”

The father of the child, Jessica’s husband Rees Jenkins, said he expressed some initial misgivings about having his wife’s mother carry his baby. “I’ll admit at first it did freak me out that my son was being carried in my mum-in-law,” Rees recalled. “I kept my distance respectfully a tiny little bit but as soon as she started showing, I thought I can’t keep my distance from this. It is the most amazing thing any person can do for another … Seeing Jess and her mum crying with Jack in their arms will always be the greatest day of my life.”

Jessica says she hopes to be able to carry her own child next time — through the help of womb transplant technology. If necessary, Bradford said she would be glad to help once again — this time by donating her own womb for transplant. “I wouldn’t think twice,” said Bradford. “It’s clearly in working order, isn’t it?”

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