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Nicole Maines. Screen shot. YouTube.

'The Trans List'

HBO documentary profiles 11 transgender Americans

By WITW Staff on December 6, 2016

The Trans List, an HBO documentary that aired Monday, explores the lives of eleven transgender Americans — among them Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, and Nicole Maines, who won a discrimination suit against her school district after she was barred from using the girls’ bathrooms.

In advance of the film’s release date, NPR sat down with Maines and Kylar Broadus, a lawyer who has been living as a man since the 1990s. Maines said that she and her parents decided to file a lawsuit against the school district after a bodyguard was hired to ensure that she used the staff bathroom.

“I would get up to go to class to just go to the bathroom and my teacher would have to stop me in front of everybody and tell me to wait for whoever was following me that day,” Maines said. “It was really, really humiliating, so it felt really good to know that my parents recognized what was happening and knew that it was wrong.”

Like Maines, all of the documentary’s subjects saw their coming-out experience become the subject of public conversation. “There is no hidden way to come out as a trans person,” Broadus told NPR.

The Trans List is shot in testimonial-style, giving its subjects the chance to tell their stories in their own words. Watch the trailer here:

Read more at NPR.


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