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‘Gluten free’

Read Lena Dunham’s gracious response to Instagram user asking if she’s pregnant

By WITW Staff on December 5, 2016

When Lena Dunham posted a photo of herself wearing a silk gown to an event for the Los Angeles Review of Books, one follower left an unwelcome comment. “Are you expecting? You look beautiful,” wrote @stephaniejgarcia, prompting the ire of many other Dunham fans, who criticized the rude comment. “Come on would you like to be asked that if you weren’t? First of all that’s personal and second women to women be real that would suck if someone asked you that just because your stomach isn’t as flat as society tells you it should be. Be kind and tell her you look beautiful that’s it, just as you would want someone to tell you,” one person wrote.

Garcia defended herself from the criticism, saying she was just asking a “reasonable” question and did not consider it too personal. Eventually, Dunham — who has always been outspoken on the issue of body image responded. “Thank you! I’m not expecting but I did enjoy a large box of gluten free crackers prior to taking this image. It’s funny — folks have told me I looked pregnant/asked since I was 15 — I choose to embrace it as another curve like ass or boobs or hip.” The comment drew praise from many of her fans, who see Dunham as a role model when it comes to body positivity.

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