Staunch feminism?

Megyn Kelly speaks out against media’s treatment of Melania Trump

Megyn Kelly at The 2016 Women In The World Summit. (Marc Bryan-Brown/Women in the World)

While Megyn Kelly has become somewhat of a conservative feminist icon for some (for challenging sexism and defending maternity leave on air, for example), the Fox News anchor has made it clear that she does not think of herself as such, calling the word “feminist” an “exclusionary and alienating” term in her recent memoir, Settle for More. Now, in a new interview with Porter magazine, Kelly has called out the “staunch feminism” that incoming first lady Melania Trump has been subjected to, saying she has been “really offended on her behalf.” While it is not clear what she means by “staunch feminism” (New York Magazine verified the quote with Porter Magazine, making sure she did not mean to say “sexism”), Kelly then went on to defend the president-elect’s wife from objectifying attacks. Kelly criticized one newspaper that “called her a trophy wife and a mannequin, which is f-ed up and really offensive. Just because she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean you get to dismiss her. She speaks I think five languages. She’s a mother. She’s a supportive wife. She’s an entrepreneur. I don’t know how successful her businesses are, but she’s out there trying. Screw them for saying that.”

Read the full story at New York Magazine.


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