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'It was amazing'

3-year-old girl hailed for helping save her mother’s life after she collapsed

December 2, 2016

After a mother collapsed in her family home in Clacton, Essex, her three-year-old daughter helped to save her life by quickly calling the local police. Patricia Hannington, who suffers from a rare heart condition, had told her three-year-old, Sofia Harman, what needed to be done should she suffer a medical emergency. With her mother’s life potentially on the line, little Sofia came through.

Police released audio of the call made by Sofia to call handler Julie Buckley, who kept Sofia on the line talking about her pet dog while she established the family’s home address.

“We are all very proud of Sofia and our emergency operator Julie,” said deputy chief constable Matt Horne. “Sofia, having just turned three years old knew exactly what to do when her mum collapsed – this is because her mum took the time to explain and teach Sofia this important life skill. We have released the recording because Sofia’s family want other families to know that we must start teaching our children how to call for help as early as possible.”

“For a child of her age, it was amazing that she knew exactly what to do,” added Buckley. “It was great meeting her and seeing just what it means to her family.”

Listen to Sofia’s emergency call below.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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