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Large-scale study finds that 27 percent of Europeans consider rape justifiable in some cases

By WITW Staff on December 1, 2016

More than one in four Europeans believe rape can be justifiable, according to a new survey of nearly 30,000, and more than one in five believe that women frequently make up or exaggerate rape claims. Asked about scenarios that included situations where women were drunk or wearing revealing clothing, 27 percent of respondents said that rape was justifiable under certain circumstances. In eastern European countries those numbers tended to trend higher — 55 percent of Romanian respondents and 47 percent of Hungarian respondents, for example, responded that rape was acceptable when women were drunk or wearing revealing clothing.

The contentious results of the study were released by the European Commission on November 24 — the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The authors of the report concluded that the data showed the need for increased education and awareness about consent across the E.U., and that particular Member States still had “considerable work to do in addressing perceptions about gender-based violence.”

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