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A female detainee cleans a housing cell in a women's wing at an detention facility for illegal immigrants on July 30, 2010 in Eloy, Arizona. (John Moore/Getty Images)


Guatemalan woman dies in custody at Arizona immigrant detention center

November 29, 2016

A 36-year-old immigrant woman from Guatemala who was being held at the Eloy Detention Center has died in custody, after she was taken to the hospital following a series of seizures. Raquel Calderon de Hildago is the third person to die in ICE custody in just the past two months, and the 15th person to die in the facility since 2003. An investigation by the Arizona Republic found that the Eloy center was the most deadly in the entire nation. According to ICE statistics, those 15 deaths represent 9 percent of the 165 immigrants who have died in custody in the past 13 years. The last person to die at the facility was Jose de Jesus Deniz-Sahagun, a 31-year-old immigrant from Mexico, who committed suicide in his cell. Critics have argued that the immigration detention centers, run by private corporations, fail to provide adequate medical care which has contributed to the high number of immigrant deaths. Calderon, who had no criminal record since entering the U.S., had been in ICE custody since November 23 and was awaiting deportation to Guatemala.

Read the full story at AZ Central.


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