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11-year-old prodigy will premiere her 1st opera next month

By WITW Staff on November 22, 2016

Alma Deutscher, an 11-year-old composer and pianist, will see her first full opera staged at Vienna’s Baumgarten palace next month, The Associated Press reports.

Her version of “Cinderella” has a distinctly musical twist: the heroine is a composer, the stepmother is an opera director, and the two sisters are divas. Cinderella’s prince is a poet, and he is drawn to his beloved not by a slipper, but by one of the songs she composed.

Deutscher, who lives in Dorking, England, has been compared to Mozart, who wrote his first symphony at the age of eight. Deutscher began crafting her own melodies when she was four, and it continues to come naturally to her. “If I try to sit down and think, ‘now I must get inspiration,’ then I just don’t get inspiration, it doesn’t come to me,” she told the AP. “But when I am not thinking about it at all, when I’m just relaxing, skipping in the garden and just about to fall asleep or just about to wake up — or when I’m actually in a dream — then I get the beautiful inspiration that I put together.”

She also said that she is “extremely excited” for the December 29th premiere of her show. “I can’t wait until everything will come together,” Deutscher explained. “I dream about how it’s going to look like on the stage.”

For more on Deutscher’s remarkable talent, and to hear some of her music, watch the video below.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.



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