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Swedish union sets up a mansplaining hotline

November 21, 2016

Unionen, a Swedish trade union, has come up with a remarkable way for its female members to report their patronizing male colleagues: a mansplaining hotline. The union represents more than half a million workers, and it set up the hotline as a stunt to draw attention to the tendency (some) men have to condescendingly explain things to women, even if  they are more knowledgeable on the issue. Explaining the reasoning behind the hotline, the union quoted a study by the American Psychological Association which says men “tend to overestimate their intelligence to a much greater extent than women.” Not everyone is happy with the action though, as some people on social media have decried the action as unnecessarily polarizing and contributing to a culture of victimhood. Meanwhile, 50 percent of the calls to the hotline thus far are reportedly from men who are looking for further explanation about what constitutes mansplaining. Unionen claims it only wanted to spark a debate about sexism in the workplace and the way some men behave in the workplace.

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