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Freddie Mercury doing household chores in the video for "I Want To Break Free" (YouTube)

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Women more likely to cheat on men who fail to do household chores

By WITW Staff on November 17, 2016

A French survey suggests that women are more inclined to cheat on their partners when their partners fail to do their part with household chores, such as doing the dishes or vacuuming. Gleedon, a website for married and unfaithful people, asked 10,000 female subscribers about what drove them to infidelity, with 73 percent of women claiming men “not playing enough of a role in daily household chores,” drove them to cheat. This might be a real issue for French men, who are notoriously bad at helping out with housework: According to French statistics agency INSEE, French women are still responsible for about two-thirds of domestic chores. Nevertheless, men remain the biggest cheaters: a 2014 Ifop poll found that 55 percent of French men are unfaithful, while “only” 32 percent of French women are. While infidelity might be on the rise according to that same poll, the French remain the “champions of forgiveness.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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