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‘When you don’t have freedom, you can create it’

November 15, 2016

At the Women in the World San Antonio Salon on Tuesday evening, Yahoo News and Finance anchor Bianna Golodryga sat down with Masih Alinejad for a one-on-one conversation about her My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page, which has become an international sensation, and how it provides a platform for women in Iran to unveil themselves by going hijab-free — if only in photos posted on social media. This is the second time Alinejad has appeared onstage at a Women in the World Event. In April, she discussed how “women in Iran are breaking the law every day just to be ourselves,” in a conversation with Tina Brown at the New York Summit.

In part one of Monday night’s discussion, Alinejad talks about how going for a run in London inspired her to launch her Facebook page My Stealthy Freedom, which now has more than one million fans. Watch below.

“It’s unfortunate that that head of hair ever has to be covered.” In part two, Alinejad talks about how she used social media to create a place for women to nurture their identities.


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