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Yu Xu (CCTV News)


Pioneering female fighter pilot killed in training accident

By WITW Staff on November 14, 2016

Yu Xu, a 30-year-old Chinese fighter pilot and the first woman to fly China’s J-10 fighter jet was killed in an accident during a routine training flight with her country’s air force aerobatics teams. While the Chinese military did not offer details on the accident, several sources claim that Yu ejected from her plane after colliding with another jet, after which she was hit and killed by the wing of another plane. Yu’s male co-pilot was able to eject safely and survive, while the other plane involved in the collision landed safely.

Yu had joined the air force in 2005, becoming a fighter pilot in 2009 and eventually certifying in 2012 to become the first of four women to fly the J-10, the first Chinese domestic fighter jet to rival its Western counterparts. Wan Ying, a friend of Yu, told CNN that she was “a very positive, humble and nice person who loved taking care of friends.” On social media, many saluted Yu as a hero and trailblazer, while others used the accident to question if women should be fighter pilots or whether they’re receiving proper training. Watch the video below for more on Yu and her remarkable career.

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