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10 arrested in Pakistan for flogging a transgender woman

November 14, 2016

Police in Pakistan have arrested 10 members of a criminal gang who beat a transgender woman and posted a video of the abuse on social media, The Associated Press reports.

The video shows the alleged gang leader, who identified himself as Jajja, holding the woman down on a bed and flogging her with a leather belt. He later places his foot on her neck and twists her arms while another person carries out the beating.

“I was punishing him because he didn’t refrain from his bad habits, which I pointed out to him several times,” Jajja reportedly said during an interview with police.

The video of the beating was shared thousands of times on social media. Ten men have been arrested in the city of Sialkot in connection with the incident; police charged five with torture and extortion, and are investigating the other five suspects.

A second transgender woman told TransAction, a local activist group, that she was present at the time of the attack. She said the gang broke into a home occupied by several transgender women, shaved some of their heads, and beat one woman for several hours.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.


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