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'Underwear Dancing' (Leah Goren).


In wake of Trump’s election, independent artists are donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood

By WITW Staff on November 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s election as the nation’s 45th president brings with it much uncertainty for women and reproductive rights — an issue that would’ve been protected by a Clinton administration. There’s no telling what a Trump administration might do to dial back reproductive rights in the U.S., and women from all walks of life are finding different ways to show disapproval of his impending presidency. A Million Women March is being planned in Washington, D.C., for the day after Trump’s inauguration. Other forms of protest have been taking place since the election was called for Trump on Wednesday. But some women artist’s are putting their money where their mouth is and vowing to donated the proceeds from the sales of their works to Planned Parenthood and other civic minded organizations.


Artist Leah Goren of Brooklyn, New York said all proceeds from her painting Underwear Dancing and other works would go to Planned Parenthood. “I know it’s not the answer but it’s something,” she wrote in her post on Instagram announcing the donation. Within a day, the Underwear Dancing painting was sold out, according to the listing on her website. And she’s hardly the only one that will be infusing Planned Parenthood with cash.

Read the full story at New York magazine’s The Cut blog.


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