'National disgrace'

Moldovan presidential candidate’s unmarried status draws ire of politicians, religious figures


Moldovan presidential candidate Maia Sandu is facing harsh criticism from major religious and political figures who say that a single woman running for president is “a betrayal of family values.”

“She is not married, though everybody knows the rules of the presidential protocol: appearance in public must be together with spouse,” said former President Vladimir Voronin, the chairman of the communist party. Voronin has also said he would refuse to even shake Sandu’s hand and called her “the laughing stock, the sin and the national disgrace of Moldova.”

Bishop Marchel, an influential Moldovan Orthodox Church leader, has also attacked Sandu, claiming that her “attitude toward Christian morality … seems to diverge from normal principles” and castigating her for introducing a “noxious” encyclopedia titled Sex Life to Moldovan libraries while serving as education minister in 2013.

Sandu has rejected the criticism as unfair, noting that she had previously stated her support for family and traditional values. “I have never thought being a single woman is a shame,” said Sandu. “Maybe it is a sin even to be a woman?”

Sandu has been campaigning on a pro-European Union platform. Her opponent, Igor Dodon, is pro-Russia and has compared his candidacy favorably to Donald Trump’s.

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