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Megyn Kelly’s new book contains details of disturbing run-ins with Donald Trump

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New York Times reviewer Jennifer Senior has reported a number of disturbing encounters Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had with Donald Trump that are detailed in Kelly’s upcoming memoir Settle for More — including an apparent insinuation that Trump was leaked debate questions by Fox News and that she might have been poisoned the day of the first Republican primary debate. Kelly subsequently posted messages on Twitter downplaying some of the sensational aspects that turned up in the review.

According to the early copy of the memoir obtained by Senior, Kelly claimed that Trump was was upset by a segment on her show prior to the first GOP primary debate and refused to show up for his scheduled appearance on her show unless she called him.

“I almost unleashed my beautiful Twitter account against you,” Trump warned her, according to the account in the book. “And I still may.” Trump also called her higher ups, Kelly wrote, after hearing that the first debate question would be “a very pointed question directed at him.” Kelly also alleged that Trump attempted to court her favor by inviting her to Mar-a-Lago and offering to pay for her room at the Trump SoHo hotel — a tactic that Kelly claimed Trump has used with other journalists as well.

After the debate, in which Kelly aroused Donald Trump’s fury by asking him to defend having called women he disliked “fat pigs,” Kelly said that after tangling with Trump at the debate, she was subjected to “a flood of intense nastiness” including death threats.

On the day of the debate itself, Kelly related a bizarre sequence in which “an overzealous, suspiciously enthusiastic driver” took her to the convention center and “insisted on getting her coffee, though she’d repeatedly declined his offer.” After drinking the coffee he brought her, Kelly said, she swiftly became “violently ill, vomiting … uncontrollably” and was almost forced to recuse herself from moderating the evening’s debate.

In her review, Senior asserts that Kelly “is trying simultaneously to appeal to both her new Lean-In fan base and the regular Fox news watchers who abhor identity politics.” A point that was illustrated, perhaps, by Kelly taking to Twitter shortly after the publication of Senior’s review in order to reassure her viewers that the apparent poisoning was likely caused by a stomach virus and that she does not believe “Trump had any debate Qs in advance.”

Read the full story at New York Magazine.


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