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With birth of new baby, 4 generations of one family’s women boast unique hair color

November 10, 2016

Brianna Worthy, 23, says that as a child she was mocked by other children who called her a “skunk” because of the striking streak of white in her otherwise dark locks. The unique trait, which is shared by Worthy’s mother and grandmother, has now also been inherited by Worthy’s daughter, baby MilliAnna.

The signature characteristic is caused by poliosis, a condition which creates a lack of pigment in a patch of hair and the skin around it, but Worthy said she spent most of her life believing it was simply a birthmark.

As she grew older, Worthy said she “grew to end up really loving it in [her] hair and was confident that it was [her own] signature look.” As she raises her daughter, Worthy added, she hopes to help her come to that realization sooner than she herself did. “I’m going to tell her, ‘you’re unique, you’re pretty, you’re beautiful,” said Worthy.

Read the full story at WPLG Local 10 and The Daily Mail.


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